Timeshare poll finds that fewer than 5% of owners can book their preferred holidays

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Lots of people responded to a Timeshare Advice Centre poll about availability in booking their resorts, and the results are shocking.

Poll on timeshare availability

There has been a lot of publicity of late regarding timeshare owners and how they have not been able to book their preferred resorts or dates.

As such, the Timeshare Advice Centre decided to run a poll for timeshare owners.

The aim was to find out how satisfied they are when it comes to booking their chosen accommodation that they have already paid for.

Participants selected from the primary resorts that have been affected, including CLC World, Marriott, Azure, Diamond, MGM, Silverpoint and "other".

They then had six options to choose from, which ranged from "I always find availability" to "I've given up trying to request availability".

Shocking results

Here are the results from the poll:

  • I always find availability: 0.48%
  • I sometimes find availability: 2.12%
  • I rarely find availability: 61.10%
  • I never find availability: 30.56%
  • I've given up trying to request availability: 5.74%

Serious availability issues

The results show that there are serious availability issues for timeshare owners.

A huge 91.66% of owners answered that they either rarely or never manage to get their preferred availability.

And 5.74% have completely given up trying.

Only small percentage of owners manage to get what they want. Fewer than one in 20 respondents claim to always find availability, a number even we were shocked by.

Discontented owners

According to Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims (ECC), "Even the amount of people who say they 'sometimes' find the availability they want is telling."

Only 2 percent saying they sometimes get availability, and over 60% saying they rarely get availability, but "there is not much difference between those two words except connotation."

People describing their success rate as 'sometimes' suggests hesitancy, while describing it as 'rarely' clearly indicates discontent.

No longer satisfied

It's becoming increasingly clear that modern travellers are not satisfied any more with the expensive and dated timeshare model.

These days, people want to visit the destinations they want to, when they want to, and have far greater flexibility when it comes to holidays.

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Timeshare poll finds that fewer than 5% of owners can book their preferred holidays
Timeshare poll finds that fewer than 5% of owners can book their preferred holidays

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