• Major European Timeshare Resorts are now subject to Legal Insolvency actions
  • Many Timeshare contracts are now deemed illegal
  • Timeshare ownership is no longer member exclusive
  • Maintenance Fees remain a financial burden
  • Inflexibility exposed during the 3 years of covid

Are you ready to join the thousands of owners who have enjoyed the success of claiming money back and cancelling their contracts?

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Did the Timeshare resort take a Deposit within 14 days of the sale?

Did you use Credit to finance a Timeshare purchase or upgrade?

Are you stuck in a very long-term or "in perpetuity" contract?

Were you told that Timeshare was an "investment"?

Do you just want to get out of Timeshare for good?

If you can answer Yes to one or more of the questions above, or if you are simply looking for some clear, independent advice on any Timeshare-related problem, then it's highly likely that we can help you.

Timeshare Advice Centre is entirely independent of the Timeshare "industry bodies" and the Timeshare resorts/groups that fund them, so we offer genuine, unbiased advice.

We have a wealth of experience in helping members of a huge range of Timeshare, Points, Fractional or "Holiday Ownership" schemes worldwide - and we are especially well-versed in helping owners of Spanish-based schemes, especially in light of the recent breakthrough Spanish Court Judgements on illegal mis-selling of Timeshares.

We are particularly keen to hear from customers of the following: Club La Costa, Anfi, Silverpoint, Resort Properties, Diamond Resorts, RCI, Marriott, Wimpen/OnaGroup, so please call us now on 0203 807 3388 / 0800 102 6070 or complete the short enquiry form so an expert adviser can review your situation and explain your options.

Or try our Timeshare Claims Calculator first to see what you could potentially claim if mis-selling can be proven.

Victory News

Club la Costa World pays back over €16000 to UK couple in their 70s thanks to M1 Legal's latest successful timeshare claim in the Spanish courts

Club La Costa World pays back over €16,000 to UK couple in their 70s thanks to M1 Legal's successful timeshare claim in the Spanish courts

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For the majority of Timeshare, Points or Fractional owners who come to us for advice, the main concern is to find a way to get out of their Timeshare contracts and to rid themselves & their families of long-term maintenance fee liabilities - and we can of course offer advice purely on this basis.

However, recent legal judgments have triggered very significant changes throughout the Timeshare industry and it is very important that you understand your rights in light of these new legal precedents.

Find out more about Timeshare Compensation Claims.

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