Who are European Consumer Claims (ECC)?

ECC The Leading Timeshare Claims Management Company

European Consumer Claims are a leading Timeshare Claims Management Company with offices in Southern Spain and the UK and have helped thousands of timeshare owners to pursue financial compensation claims in Spain, UK and Malta and to release themselves from unwanted timeshares. They also offer timeshare relinquishments and advice on timeshare contracts.

European Consumer Claims also known as ECC, has been bringing court claims against timeshare resorts since 2016.

ECC's mission is to help timeshare owners free themselves from timeshares and the long term commitment of maintenance fees plus to make claims where possible.

ECC Timeshare Claims

More than 300 winning judgements and over £6Million in compensation claims to date plus at least 1000 cases currently passing through the court process. ECC are the largest firm of timeshare claims specialists when it comes to Timeshare Litigation Claims.

ECC Timeshare Relinquishments

European Consumer Claims have assisted with thousands of timeshare relinquishments. ECC are by far one of the most important, successful timeshare relinquishment specialists in Europe.

ECC employ some of the most experienced claims advisors in the industry along with their legal partners and specialists in timeshare claims.

Who are ECC?

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