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  • Following the recent Court Rulings, was your CLC Contract mis-sold?

  • Are your Club La Costa/CLC fees too high & rising each year?

  • Is it impossible to book the holidays you were promised?

  • Have you tried to sell, but found there is no way out?

  • Do you just want to get out of your CLC contract for good?

Club La Costa (CLC) operates one of the world's largest Timeshare schemes and we are helping increasingly large numbers of CLC members who tell us they are frustrated to be paying very high fees without being able to book the holidays they were promised.

Timeshare Advice Centre provides independent, expert advice and services to members of many types of timeshare, points and holiday ownership schemes - and we have already helped a high number of Club La Costa (CLC) timeshare/points owners who were looking for a way out of their long-term membership contracts.

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July 2017: Due to the sharp increase in enquiries from Club La Costa members following recent Spanish Supreme Court judgements, we have now set up a Freephone CLC Hotline so you can speak directly with one of our CLC specialists on 0203 807 3388 / 0800 102 6070 (9am to 8pm, Mon-Fri).

Following the string of successful claims against Anfi and other Spanish Timeshare operators, the first major ground-breaking legal judgement was won against Club La Costa in October 2015, meaning that Club La Costa had to pay back the original purchase price, maintenance fees & interest to the Customer, as well as paying the Court costs. The contract was also declared null and void, meaning the customer in question is now free of their CLC Timeshare liabilities for good. Read more...

The CLC members who contact us often report high, fast-increasing maintenance fees; great difficulty in booking the holidays they want due to poor availability, especially in the high season; constant pressure to upgrade to more expensive membership levels and overall dissatisfaction that their experiences are now falling well short of what was promised when they first bought into the CLC concept. Read More

To find out your options for getting out of your CLC membership contract commitments and to see if you may qualify to claim money back from CLC following this new legal precedent, please complete the short SEE YOUR OPTIONS form or call one of our expert advisors now on Freephone 0203 807 3388 / 0800 102 6070

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For FREE expert advice on how to solve your Timeshare problems and to see whether you may have been mis-sold, please call one of our friendly advisors now on 0203 807 3388 / 0800 102 6070 or use the short form above to see your options.

We'll listen to your concerns, then advise you on your best options for exiting your Timeshare contract and whether you have potential grounds for a mis-selling claim.

Your Stories

7th November 2017 - Mr Irene C, Lancashire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My husband and I initially took out a 3 year trial with CLC in 2007/2008. We were pressured into upgrading after spending a full day at the presentation. We paid a deposit and took out their recommended loan with GE Money. We feel we were mis-sold this investment as we understood we could have 2 holidays a year anywhere we wanted but this was not the case."


6th November 2017 - Mrs Brenda K, N Ireland - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Just purchased a fractional property with CLC on 3 October 2017 at the value of £15,500. Very concerned as we feel now it's all a scam even though it was a very convincing sales pitch. Help!!!"


2nd November 2017 - Mrs Samantha G, Perthshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Looking to get out of CLC World Timeshare."


31st October 2017 - Mrs D C, Herts - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were hard sold this timeshare, currently unable to withdraw. Stuck for 9 hours with 3 young children, 40 degree heat that day and coerced into buying in."


23rd October 2017 - Mrs Jennifer N, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought into CLC in 2004 no longer use as cannot get where we want children not interested its a perpetuity contract my husband has been ill and we just want out."


17th October 2017 - Mr Iain R, Suffolk - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I was pressured into buying points from Club La Costa and was later advised that the points were transferred to another company. I wasted about £16,000 that I have never been able to use as a tangible asset."

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