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Timeshare Advice Centre is a trading style of ECC

Our UK Office is:

Timeshare Advice Centre

The Henley Building
Newtown Road

0203 807 3388 / 0800 102 6070

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Timeshare Advice Centre also works with a network of consultants around the UK.

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Sample Stories

6th September 2019 - Silverpoint

"The way it was sold to us was that it was an investment that we would be able to sell within the year. "

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12th July 2019 - Diamond Resorts

"It is becoming more difficult to book "exclusive" accommodation as an owner and more often you can book Diamond Resorts accommodation quite freely on the internet defeating the purpose of purchasing an investment with the ever-increasing maintenance fees. Also the exchange facility never had anything available. "

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12th July 2019 - Club la Costa

"We went on holiday with Club la Costa based on the promise that subsequent holidays would be cheaper and they convinced us with pressure and alcohol on several occasions to upgrade. We asked CLC to consolidate the loans on a later visit and after spending 10 hours with some of the sales team, we were told they would not do this for us."

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8th May 2019 - Airtours Beach Club

"We were stopped in the street and given scratch cards. After agreeing to go and collect our prizes we were taken to Airtours Beach Club. We had agreed to buy after hard pressure from 2 sales people for over 5 hours. The maintenance fees have more than tripled and the resort is not nothing but a mere 3 star with average ratings. The contract runs for 99 years but my kids don't want the burden as they prefer holidays with no ties. ."

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27th February 2019 - Cala Pi

"Cala Pi started a claim against us for unpaid maintenance fees, it ended up around 12,000 euros. It took some time but we expected that being a court case in Spain. M1 legal were totally behind us in defending us against one of these money grabbing timeshare companies. ."

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7th September 2018 - La Pinta

"We have had timeshare weeks with La Pinta Beach Club for over 10 years and every year we went there, we were approached by the resales department, pressuring us to buy additional timeshares which they promised to sell at a profit. They put so much pressure on us each time to make us part with our money, that we felt quite exhausted and gave in. As a result we lost most of our savings, having to remortgage our house and take out a bank loan. In the end we had lost a considerable amount of money. "

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