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John and Roni Richardson

Eugene Costello

Keith Davis - Holiday Inn

Andrew Stern - Oasis Lakes / Bluegreen Vacations

Douglas and Linda MacKay - Infiniti

Janice Brooks - CLC World

Andrew Reese - Anfi

Charles Rebbeck - Azure

Malcolm and Ann Hill - RCI

Steven Spencer - Flamingo

Trevor Jackson - Elite Fuerteventura

Andrew Withers - Anfi

Richard Hocking - Anfi

Della Parten - Pestana Promenade

Lorraine Mutch - Palm Oasis

Patricia Hunt - Anfi

Kelvin and June Mountford-Jones - Sunset Beach Club, Holiday World, RCI

Paul Agar - Anfi

Karen Stamirowska - CLC World

Michael Chanda - CLC World

Keith Newman - Anfi

Jared Jarett - Anfi

Chris Woods - Diamond

Michelle Wooding - Anfi

Christine West - Seasons Holidays

John Goodman - CLC World

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