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Recent Comments, Questions & Queries from other Club La Costa Timeshare, Points & Fractional Owners.

We receive comments, questions and queries from scores of troubled Club La Costa Timeshare, Points & Fractional owners members each month and have published a few recent examples below.

To find out about the recent landmark legal case against Club La Costa, please click here.

Or, for more comments from other CLC customers, click here.

3rd August 2017 - Miss Camilla M - Club La Costa Points

"Never possible to book anything, not possible to use referral system, very difficult to get any information from CLC. This is only costing us money, more every year, and we get nothing for it"

31st July 2017 - Mrs Marie L, Surrey - Club la Costa

"We were conned into this scheme. We've never uses it and have lost 100's of thousands of pounds"

25th July 2017 - Mr David G, Essex - Club La Costa

"Hi, we got totally ripped off by CLC and the whole experience nearly cost us our home. We eventually had to settle nearly £30k and we never even got to take a holiday! The whole thing nearly cost me my marriage as well and it hasn't really left us to be honest, it is always nagging in the back of our minds. Not sure if, or how, we reclaim anything back. I would appreciate any advice you can give us and look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards. David"

22nd July 2017 - Mrs Allison B, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We really want to escape this situtation. We contacted CLC and they advised us that its 'not their problem' that we want to leave!!! Can you advise please?"

21st July 2017 - Mr Joel D, Hertfordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am still paying the monthly dues for my loans that I have paid in full for my timeshare with Club la Costa. The annual administrative and maintenance fee is increasing every year hence I have just stopped paying them. I have only been able to use it once. I would like help to recover the principal amount I have paid in full for my timeshare. Kind regards"

19th July 2017 - Ms Kim D, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"This fraction was taken out while we were in Spain and we have been trying to get rid of it for over 2 years now. We are unable to make payment because it is too high and we just want to get rid of it now. We are fed up and it is really stressing us all out."

15th February 2017 - Mr Stephen J, London - Club La Costa

"I have been in contact with a Spanish legal company, after going through my documents they have said that as all CLC's registered addresses are outside Spain, they cannot pursue my case through the Spanish system. Can you help?" Read More...

12th February 2017 - Mr C P, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Was sold a timeshare by CLC around 2007/8 ish. Could never use points as holidays we wanted were never available... Was lied to to sign in first place, and conned into signing up for more points."

9th February 2017 - Mr Michael D, Dorset - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We felt bullied into upgrading our timeshare. We were told if we ever wanted to sell that they would buy back. This was not the case. Club La Costa should not be allowed to get away with miss selling this product."

8th February 2017 - Mrs Janet C - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Due to change in personal circumstances we are considering of withdrawing from CLC. We have not used it to full capacity and hence we are in credit to lot of points. Started in 2006, upgraded in 2009, we are now platinum. Not approached CLC yet. Unsure how to proceed and what we may be entitled to. Any information would be helpful, Thank you."

1st February 2017 - Mrs Pam W - Club La Costa Fractional

"Extortionate interest rate on loan unable to sell back to them although they said we could. Hard sales kept at the complex for at least 6 hours they had to take us back to get partners diebetes medication due to length if time there he was becoming very distressed Don't use the product at all. I have lost my job and have asked them to purchase the product back they said they can not. Can not pay the yearly fee they said I could do it in instalments. I don't feel they are compassionate to peoples situations. Please please advise I am desperate."

21st January 2017 - Mr A A - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We join Club la Costa some years go. They got has a loan will huge interest which we are still paying for. it has been a difficult journey can you help. Cancelled Ioan."

14th January 2017 - Mr Patrick W, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)

"During our 'free' holiday at CLC's Malaga resort in Easter 2016, my wife and I were asked to attend a compulsory presentation at CLC's offices which took up a whole day. Basically we were rushed into signing up for a fractional ownership of one of their signature suites. We now feel that we were mis-sold this product and feel totally conned by this fraudulent outfit (what was Jenny Bond thinking?). We are desperate to get out of this since:

  • it represents extremely poor value for money (can't even take 2 hols a year in our tiny amount of points
  • there is virtually no availability even if you enquire 9 or 10 months prior to the date you want to book
  • we were simply not told that the maintenance fees were payable over the whole year and could amount to as much as £1200. In fact we were lied to. The man said it might cost about £55 per week FOR ONLY THE WEEKS YOU WERE ACTUALLY STAYING SOMEWHERE
  • the product is entirely unsuited to our circumstances and we feel that we were mis-sold this

We would therefore be very interested to hear from anyone who has any legal or practical advice on how we can extricate ourselves from this complete rip- off!

Patrick and Georgina"

5th January 2017 - Miss Annabelle J, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My mum originally bought the shares in 2005 and it was transferred to me in 2013. How can I get out of this?"

20th December 2016 - Mrs Sarah B, Nottinghamshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Paid a lump sum upfront plus annual maintenance charges - could never book weeks we wanted - totally useless customer service!"

18th December 2016 - Mrs Mary B, North Somerset - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Both my husband and I feel we were not made fully aware of the cost of the annual maintenance and the restrictions on when we would be able to take the holidays where we wished to go."

9th December 2016 - Mrs Natalie F - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Hi. We were mis-sold and had to pay a deposit upfront. Also no availability at all, so can't even use our points."

30th November 2016 - Miss Gemma P, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I was mis-sold a timeshare back in December 2015 and would like some advice into relinquishing the contract."

19th November 2016 - Mr Iain B, Wiltshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Have tried complaining to them, but feeling fobbed off. Then complained again, now over two weeks nothing back from them. Had no choice but to holiday somewhere other than wanted to as time was booked off work. Resort was in disrepair and not at all suited for wheelchairs which was part of the promise to being sold the package."

11th November 2016 - Mrs C L, County Antrim - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were told the maintenance fee wouldn't go up but this year it's over £1500. We also thought you could book holidays from the brochure/website but the ones in England are impossible to book. We currently have a lake district holiday on hold for next year booked through the cessation weeks from another company but had to pay more and it can't even be confirmed until the owner pays next years fees. We would prefer the uk now but there's hardly anything to what we were shown at the start in 2007. Even the place in Cornwall that we liked is closing and when you try to book the other one 2 years in advance its not available. And now we hear 'anyone' can book through last and other websites for the same Spanish holidays as members. Totally fed up and our membership cost over £15,000."

8th November 2016 - Mr Geoffrey W, Warwickshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Management fees gone up this year by 10%, not happy. New resorts always out of my points range. Tried to sell us fractions, had a valuation of 19000 for the points I own as long as I paid another 20000 for a share of a property - they must be joking! Want to get out altogether as retired now and won't be able to afford fees after this year."

8th November 2016 - Mrs Patricia B, Berkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Any help would be appreciated. We can never get holidays as no availability."

7th November 2016 - Mrs Ann H, Lanarkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Conned in to buying 2 fractions and now can't afford the maintenance."

1st November 2016 - Mr B P - Club La Costa (CLC)

​"We just signed up in August 2016 after being locked into an all morning plus afternoon conference. First payment made in October now we want way out please help. Haven't informed CLC yet. They gave us 500 points free holiday for Tenerife but apparently there is no 2 bedroom available for family of 4, and is never available. Feels disgusting. Pls help and advise. Desperate... can't afford and don't want kids to have to carry this on"

31st October 2016 - Mrs Heather D, Stirlingshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

​"I want to pursue Club La Costa for mis-selling the product and get money back and interest and terminate contract."


25th October 2016 - Ms S H, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Pressured into buying a timeshare in Spain back in 2009, completely misled and worried about debt collectors turning up at my door one day…"

24th October 2016 - Mrs Tracie M, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We are locked in with CLC and really want out. Our fees rise annually and like others we are unable to book what we want when we want. As well as rising annual maintenance fees we have to pay the loan for fractional ownership and £200.00 every time we want to book a holiday."


18th October 2016 - Mr Richard F - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Looking for options to release from CLC contract and receive a refund towards the original investment made."

14th October 2016 - Mrs Patricia N, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I just want free from the whole contract... paid out so far 100's of pounds and nothing to show for it ..... I just want out I don't want compensation, just a clean break"

4th October 2016 - Mr Paul G, Staffordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am interested to know how I may dispose of the Club La Costa Timeshare, which I understand is subject to a Court ruling. "

29th September 2016 - Mrs A F - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I just need to get out of my membership. I simply can not afford it anymore due to changes in my financial circumstances. Can you please help."

24th September 2016 - Mrs Sue W, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Club la Costa has become a real burden, we were pressured into the initial membership and get hounded whenever (not often) we take a holiday."

2nd September 2016 - Mrs Karen S, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Wish to cancel our Club La costa timeshare due to High maintenance fees and no availability when trying to book."

2nd September 2016 - Mrs Y A, South London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Hi, we signed CLC contract August last year and soon realised it wasn't beneficial to us. We called to cancel but we're told to go and find a buyer to purchase it. This is unbearable, please help. Thanks."

31st August 2016 - Dr N S, West Sussex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Can't book anything - and they didn't tell me anything about a maintenance charge."

31st August 2016 - Mrs Anne M - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I'm not even certain of what we were sold as the system is so complicated. We were given the hard sell on a promotional holiday in Spain and spent 12 hours being talked into it. There is never availability for what you want, when you want, the maintenance fees are the same as a holiday itself and we just want out!! When I asked about cancelling, she said we could, but all that meant was that we could no longer use the resorts and we wouldn't have to pay the maintenance fees but we would still owe them nearly £15K...who would do that?? Please help! We have now moved to France and are both self employed so we can not longer afford the maintenance fees."

30th August 2016 - Mr Nigel J, Wiltshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Would like advice on our options for getting out of our timeshare contract with Club la Costa."

28th August 2016 - Mrs Bev A, Somerset - Club la Costa (CLC)

"No one explained how you book holidays was told we could use our time on short breaks etc then after signing and going on " free" holiday we feel we got dumped paying £4000 for nothing"

27th August 2016 - Mr A P, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My children are also on the deeds but I don't want them to be stuck with this in future. Also want to sell fractions as I am now retired and need to cut back on outlays."

25th August 2016 - Mr A T, Lancashire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were pressured into buying points about 16 years ago. Its a long story…"

25th August 2016 - Mr D L - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Tied into to Club La Costa membership and I want out and a refund."

23rd August 2016 - Mr Tim L, East Riding of Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We think we truly stuffed by Club La Costa and then even more by RCI points. We should have 251,000 points and have ended with nothing from our substantial investment."

21st August 2016 - Mrs Amanda S, Bedfordshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Signed up last year, just had our 'free week' and feel very Mis-sold. All they want is money, money, they now tried to sell us more points as we can't have what they promised! Thought we could travel the world, definitely not, very limited options!"

19th August 2016 - Mr Ian M, Cheshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Enquiring about my rights as a fractional points owner if I wanted to get out of the contract."

18th August 2016 - Mr Nilesh B, Cheshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have CLC points for 15 years as platinum member and it costs me €2150 per year maintenance. Not been able to use for years due to medical grounds for my son and daughter. Is there any way I can get back some of the £29000 I've paid?"

16th August 2016 - Mrs D C, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)

14th August 2016 - Tracy S, Mid Glamorgan - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Paid £500 deposit on day tried to get out of timeshare as husband lost his job but they demanded £1000 maintenance fees before first payment due but still would not let us out of contract, we had trial 3 year clc for 7 holidays we only had 2 then got talked into 15 year fractional time share."

14th August 2016 - Barbara L, Ayrshire, Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have 5001 points we no longer wish to continue after 16 years as maintenance is to high and never any availability."

11th August 2016 - Adrian D, N Ireland - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought into CLC last year. Just back from another hard sell holiday. Realised after next year we won't get the holidays we want. Yet to inform CLC we want to cancel. Need advice."

"Only purchased last September after a very hard sell. Can never book holidays when I want and can no longer afford it."

7th August 2016 - Royston D, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought this over ten years ago and not used it for years due to the yearly fees."

4th August 2016 - Mrs Roslyn M, Monmouthshire - Club La Costa Fractional

"Please advise, CLC hounded us into buying into Timeshare in 2012 and got us to sign a financial agreement on the day."

2nd August 2016 - Mr Richard G, Pembrokeshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Destinations club. I wish to cancel but they tell me that I can't."

2nd August 2016 - Ms Hilary C, Gloucestershire - Club La Costa Fractional

"I traded in my points (which I have had for over 15 years) and paid an extra £7/8K for fractional property as CLC Manager told me I would have something to sell! My children will not want to take over my points when I die - is there any way out? I have been contacted on a regular basis by companies telling me about the new law but don't know who to trust anymore!"

2nd August 2016 - Mrs Louise F, Denbighshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"We have 2 independent witnesses who can corroborate everything we were told we have so far paid them in excess of £60,000 for a few off-peak weeks in Tenerife and a week in Las Vegas."

25th July 2016 - Miss Karen M - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Enquiring on behalf of my parents. They bought a fractional property in Turkey off plan and now its built it isn't as described at all."

20th July 2016 - Mrs Alma E, Shropshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought into CLC in 2001 since when have been persuaded to increase committment but now find no availability and then Hustyns - our favourite uk stay - is closed without any word from CLC."

19th July 2016 - Mrs Diane P, Midlothian - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We phoned Club La Costa to ask if we could sell or get out of the contract but they have said its not possible. We only used the timeshare facility once and my daughter used it once. We are worried that it is "in perpetuity" and as we are now almost 70 would like to be re-assured. We were never comfortable with the association and their rep came to our home and we felt compromised to pay the rest of the deposit. I remember it was around £6-7,000 which was a great deal of money to us."

16th July 2016 - Mr Alistair D, Somerset - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have been mis-sold a fractional membership. Purchased July 2015. Please help us get out of it."

11th July 2016 - Mrs Gloria M, Cambridge - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Keen to know how we can stop our membership due to maintenance costs etc"

7th July 2016 - Mr M W, Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We took up the fractional option and feel that we have not been dealt with in an honest way and mislead about the fraction."

7th July 2016 - Miss Antonia A, Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Trying to stop crippling loan and management fees for good by getting rid of missold fraction timeshare from clc. Do not have funds to hire a lawyer."

6th July 2016 - Mrs Sandra G, Scottish Highlands - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I'm not sure if any of this applies to me . But when we took out the Club La Costa Timeshare we were financially secure we thought we could pay the cost of the Timeshare but after a year the amount that my husband was paying doubled, and my husband was payed off from his job. We never managed to get a holiday out of it, unless you count the ones that we were taken over there by Club La Costa and sold more shares. We are now being pursued by Barclays bank with a totally unreasonable interest rate and quite frankly want to get what we were meant to pay back to get Barclays of of our backs . We are afraid we may lose our home because we foolishly signed up for this . Please could you help?"

4th July 2016 - Mr Leigh S, Carmarthenshire - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Agreed to time share yesterday signed a number of documents plus bank details had second thoughts going back to see them today to cancel what should I ask for to stop them continuing the process?"

4th July 2016 - Mrs O, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We cannot afford our fraction or the maintenance,. How do we exit?"

4th July 2016 - Mrs Margaret V - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We were given a loan to pay for the first six months. We have not received this yet but due to circumstances cannot afford this now."

3rd July 2016 - Mr Ian D, West Lothian - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Looking for advice as we where offered an upgrade but used the fourteen day cooling off period to cancel the upgrade, but we still have our original fractional agreement."

3rd July 2016 - Mr Andy B - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought the membership using their recommended loan provider, can't ever get the resorts we want when we want."

1st July 2016 - Mrs Beverley R, London - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I bought Club la Costa points - I purchased with a deposit on a credit card and Club la Costa got us a loan for the remainder from a finance company in Jersey or Guernsey. I couldn't afford to pay the maintenance … or the loan off. I felt I was conned."

1st July 2016 - Mrs Sheena R, Northamptonshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Hi, We regrettably purchased timeshare with Club La Costa several years ago. We tried to sell it unsuccessfully as the company that did it for us proved to be another scam. What option do we have, if any, to reclaim back some of the money that we parted with? They put up the service charge to £1000 a year too, which was not explained to us at the time we bought. Thanks, Sheena."

28th June 2016 - Mrs Julia T, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Stuck with a debt, fees too high and cannot afford holidays after not being able to refinance as advised by CLC"

26th June 2016 - Mrs D K, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Would like to be free of Club la Costa as we believe we were mis sold it."

26th June 2016 - Mr Graham B, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"We have heard of potential for claims against CLC and are interested to talk to someone about our options"

22nd June 2016 - Mrs Deborah K, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We have reading about timeshare mis-selling and newspaper articles saying we can claim money - is this true? If so how do we claim back?"

21st June 2016 - Mrs Jayne M, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We have been with CLC for 10yrs + but are concerned about the possibilty of perpetuity leaving out kids in debt."

21st June 2016 - Mrs Jayne M, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We have been with CLC for 10yrs + but are concerned about the possibilty of perpetuity leaving out kids in debt."

20th June 2016 - Mrs Susan H, Cambridgeshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Would like to get out £1000 a year management fees"

20th June 2016 - Mr Sidney W, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Have been a member since 2006 approx. but cannot get hols I want. Talked into purchasing Fractional ownership to get out of it eventually. Then they introduced booking fees for Fractional owners at 10 pence per point and then increased this to 15 pence booking fee for every point. This works out at an extra £600 per year for 4000 points on top of maintenance fees. Now up for sale, but no interest at all. Have spent approx £42,0000 - £45,000 over 10 yrs and need to get some or all of it back."

To find out about the recent landmark legal case against Club La Costa, please click here.

Or, for more comments from other CLC customers, click here.

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