ACC's US expansion gathers momentum with opening of Fort Lauderdale office

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ECC/ACC adds second office location to USA portfolio

Expanding business

European Consumer Claims (ECC) incorporated in 2016 with a small team working from a single office. During the following eight years their success would be measured by year on year total claims award increases of 30%, 40%, 50% and even 110%.


ECC: European Consumer Claims

BY 2021, ECC had an upmarket headquarters in Henley-on-Thames, a large scale suite of offices in Malaga and legal partners in both the UK and Spain. Staffing levels had risen to over 170 dedicated professionals and ECC was regarded as a market leader in timeshare claims/relinquishments.

In January 2022, ECC set it's sights on the far larger US market. The UK has around 400,000 timeshare owners compared to around 10 million across the Atlantic. With estimates of unhappy timeshare owners ranging from 15% to 85% (depending on which source you choose to believe) there are millions of potentially unhappy American owners needing help with an unwanted membership.

New York office

ECC's US launch began in January 2022 with the newly incorporated company: American Consumer Claims (ACC).

ACC was supported by their US marketing arms, Timeshare Advice Center and MyTimeshareClaim. The ACC operations hub was located in Broadway, New York City.


ACC: American Consumer Claims

During the first two years inroads were made into the US market via radio campaigns and social media advertising, with the cases mainly being serviced by ACC/ECC staff based in Europe.

It became apparent that company needed to recruit 'boots on the ground' in the USA to service the ever increasing stateside business.

Florida office

The upscale, super-regional Galleria Mall, in Fort Lauderdale Florida was selected as the ideal location to open a brand new, fully locally-staffed American Consumer Claims operation. 25 eager new team members began their ACC training in April 2024 with group CEO Greg Wilson.


Fort Lauderdale. Ideal claims office location

"Florida was the natural choice for ACC's second US office," says Greg. "This state is home to the United States' (and possibly the world's) highest population of timeshare memberships thanks to statewide attractions, such as theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios. A vast amount of holidaymakers have been signed up to timeshare memberships that many of them now regret. It makes perfect business sense to have a physical presence here."

Greg Wilson.  Timeshare expert
Greg Wilson. Timeshare expert

"On behalf of the directors I would like to wish all of our new Florida staff great success and a fulfilling career with us at American Consumer Claims."

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ACC's US expansion gathers momentum with opening of Fort Lauderdale office

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