Fresh wave of positive press coverage for Timeshare Advice Centre and European Consumer Claims

The latest news from Timeshare Advice Centre and European Consumer Claims.

UK media gets behind TAC and ECC’s campaign to defend victims of the timeshare business

Consumer champions

European Consumer Claims (ECC), and their marketing arm Timeshare Advice Centre (TAC) have been fighting for victims of the multi-billion pound timeshare industry since 2016.

European Consumer Claims. Leaders in timeshare claims and relinquishment

Regarded as market leaders in European timeshare claims and relinquishment, ECC have so far won almost £26 million in compensation awards and enjoyed over1370 victories on behalf of grateful clients. They have enabled thousands more to escape unwanted contracts, and currently manage a claims portfolio of over £100 million.


As a result of their success, ECC have had to deal with inventive digital pushback from panicked timeshare companies and their expensive lobbyists.

Knowing that today’s consumer will research companies on the internet before doing business with them, paid timeshare advocates have created a slew of websites attacking timeshare claim and exit companies as a whole (the good and the bad). The strategy was to cast doubt on the credibility of organisations like ECC whose activity threatened the obscene profits being generated by timeshare sales operations.

Timeshare Trust website. How to do due diligence on a timeshare related business

The timeshare bosses knew that they didn’t necessarily need to convince members completely. They just needed to leave room in their clients’ minds for doubt as to their enemies’ credibility.

People in doubt will often view change as the riskier option. They stick with ‘the devil they know.’ In this case, continuing to pay unfair maintenance fees for a timeshare they no longer want or need.

Truth will out

Fortunately for timeshare owners, the torrent of satisfied client feedback regarding ECC and TAC is now too strong to deny. The Canutian efforts of timeshare spin doctors are being swept away by a tide of positive reviews on TrustPilot and Google.

King Cnut: couldn’t hold back the tide…

Independent consumer associations consistently affirm and recommend ECC. Highly respected national and international media such as the Sunday Times and Reader’s Digest have published well-researched articles about ECC’s work.

ECC’s clients go further even than written reviews, leaving video testimonials on the ECC website so that viewers can witness real people discussing their experiences.

Latest wave of positive coverage

British newspaper giant The Daily Mirror has covered a recent ECC compensation claim victory with a glowing and in-depth article, as has the UK’s biggest circulation newspaper, Metro.

Respected media outlet Wales Online also wrote up the story in a similarly supportive manner, as did Stoke On Trent Live.

“It’s as though not only timeshare victims didn’t know who to believe, but journalists too,” says Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims. “Timeshare companies are clearly not the good guys in this fifty year story, but their spread of disinformation perhaps previously led journalists to play it safe and avoid the risk of ‘backing the wrong side’.

“It look the courage of arguably the world’s most credible broadsheet, the Sunday Times to research and then definitively publish the truth.

Andrew Cooper: Timeshare consumer champion

“The dam has burst,” continues Cooper. “Companies like ECC are finally being championed by the media for their fight against the corporate greed and bullying, high pressure sales tactics of timeshare companies.

“In turn this publicity protects past and present timeshare victims, and helps people make better informed choices in the future.”

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Fresh wave of positive press coverage for Timeshare Advice Centre and European Consumer Claims
Fresh wave of positive press coverage for Timeshare Advice Centre and European Consumer Claims

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