Reader's Digest documents ECC's mission to protect mis-sold timeshare owners

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World media mainstay Reader's Digest focuses on the global timeshare problem, and European Consumer Claims' campaign to fight back

Media powerhouse

Reader's Digest is the world's biggest selling paid-circulation magazine, reaching 40 million people in more than 70 countries, via 49 editions in 21 languages.

The upscale, general interest periodical has remained a runaway success for just over a century by producing well-researched, credible, superior-quality articles.

Front page from over 101 years ago. First ever issue

In September 2023, they focused their high-powered gaze on the timeshare claims industry in Europe. Specifically the lawless behaviour of timeshare companies, and the pioneering, intrepid work being done by leading claims firm European Consumer Claims (ECC) in bringing them to justice.

Inciteful article

The 1000 word thinkpiece delves into the problems faced by the reporter's own very elderly parents who were sold a timeshare for £20,000 while in their mid 70s by an unscrupulous salesman in Portugal's Algarve. In the 20 years since, the victims have only been able to use the membership 3 times due to age related illnesses, despite having had to pay £650 every year in resort fees.

Veteran journalist, Eugene Costello, did his research for Reader's Digest and found out that that ECC were industry leaders, with superlative reviews and a 7 year record of outstanding, referenceable success. Eugene contacted the Henley, Malaga and New York based company, who used their experience to extract Costello senior from his contract with minimal fuss.

Acclaimed journalist Eugene Costello

The experienced reporter also discovered that many other timeshare owners were illegally mis-sold and pressured into buying unsuitable memberships, meaning that often those people are entitled to significant financial compensation.

Sharp eyed readers will note that the same story was also covered by British media bastion The Sunday Times.

I'm in the same boat, what should I do?

If you recognise any aspects of the Reader's Digest story that you feel might also apply to your personal experience with a timeshare purchase, get in touch with our team.

Not everyone is entitled to compensation, and if you aren't we will let you know exactly why not, so that you can protect yourself when scam firms try to steal your money.

In most cases Timeshare Advice Centre can help you out of a burdensome contract.

Reader's Digest documents ECC's mission to protect mis-sold timeshare owners

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