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European Consumer Claims are a leading timeshare claims and relinquishment firm with offices in the USA, Spain and the UK. ECC work together with Spanish firm of timeshare lawyers, M1 Legal.

European Consumer Claims have been successfully pursuing compensation claims against timeshare resorts since 2016. Currently they employ over one hundred and fifty staff.

Timeshare services provided

  1. Relinquishments

ECC have assisted thousands of timeshare owners in escaping the financial obligations of their memberships. We believe this positions ECC as the leading timeshare contract specialists in Europe, with the majority of their client’s relinquishments being completed within a few months, although some may take longer.

Clients are always given an estimated timescale before deciding whether or not to retain ECC for this service.

  1. Compensation claims

ECC have achieved (at time of going to press) over eleven hundred successful judgements and twenty million pounds in compensation awards since the company’s inception six years ago. ECC have more than a thousand further cases currently in being managed in court. The Spanish claims are being handled M1 Legal. The UK claims are handled by London based solicitors Pinder Reaux Associates Ltd.

Whilst some compensation awards are north of £100,000, the average figure is around £20,000.

ECC victories and reviews

ECC has an impressive history of success, and details of the victories can be found on the website. M1 Legal also post the compensation victories in more detail on their own site.

ECC client reviews are published here including video reviews, so that the potential customer can observe the actual clients and assess their testimony.

All ECC reviews are audited by KFP consulting. KFP is headed up by Leon Livermore, the former CEO of Trading Standards UK. The clients are contacted by Leon’s team and evaluated for authenticity. The three main criteria being to make sure:

• They are genuine ECC clients • This testimony represents their genuine opinion • No inducement was given by ECC in return for the testimony

ECC also has close to five stars on every major external customer review site.

European Consumer Claims (ECC) Timeshare Claims Specialists
European Consumer Claims (ECC) Timeshare Claims Specialists

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