An ECC client journey. Ayrshire couple Douglas and Linda share their timeshare claim experience

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Douglas and Linda Mackay are smart, funny and very likeable. Like a lot of timeshare owners, they have enjoyed plenty of great holidays.

"Let's be clear," says retired policeman Douglas. "We actually enjoyed timeshare ownership. Great access, great facilities, at the dates we wanted. What happened was the maintenance fees started to creep (up)."

Douglas and Linda realised that the 'perpetuity' aspect of ownership, and it passing to their kids might not be appreciated. "It felt like we would be leaving them a financial burden, rather than something that might be welcomed" explains Linda.

Turning to European Consumer Claims (ECC) for help, both Douglas and Linda were sceptical, but trusted the consultant they met in Stirling enough to go ahead with their claim. "I work with people," confirms former nurse and therapist Linda. "And I felt she was genuine."

Douglas wanted more than intuition and had ECC investigated by the family solicitor before spending their hard earned cash. "It took a couple of weeks and she came back and said 'it looks above board and it looks like they are doing what it says on the tin.' So we calmed down and we thought right: let's see how this goes." Douglas and Linda went ahead with ECC, and their claim against Infiniti Leisure.

Time went by. Timeshare resorts typically attempt to avoid paying the compensation judges award against them. The Mackays were starting to believe they would not receive their award payment. Then in April 2022, ECC contacted them with the good news that their money was ready for them.

"Neither of us thought we would get any money back," admits Douglas. "What we would have been happy with (and it doesn't mean you can have the money back) was if we had just got out of the contract.... I didn't expect any money, and to get as much as that was just.... wow."

"When Douglas came in and said 'we've got ten thousand.... I was absolutely delighted," agrees Linda. "I apologised to him actually (for doubting him)," she chuckles.

Douglas had been using the M1 Legal client portal, whereas Linda hadn't. So Douglas had more idea of the progress being made. "I was being updated on a regular basis about our case moving forward," he confirms.

The Mackays plan to use the money for a dream holiday in America. They will hire a van and drive all down the West coast. They did a fantastic holiday doing the world famous Route 66 a few years ago but the West coast trip promises to be very expensive. This money will allow them the dream holiday the couple deserve.

What advice do the couple have for other timeshare owners thinking about retaining ECC for compensation claims or relinquishment?

"Don't be afraid," advises Douglas, (they should) "trust you and your team to do what you say you'll do. Because that's what you've done for us."

For a confidential chat about your options regarding timeshare relinquishment or compensation claims, contact the team at Timeshare Advice Centre.

An ECC client journey. Ayrshire couple Douglas and Linda share their timeshare claim experience
An ECC client journey. Ayrshire couple Douglas and Linda share their timeshare claim experience

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