On Track for a Record Year!

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M1 Legal are enjoying a growing number of successful claims against the timeshare giants

In 2017 M1 Legal secured their first victory against timeshare operator Club La Costa in the Spanish courts and since then have cemented their place as the leading firm of lawyers specialising in timeshare claims. M1 Legal have continued to push the boundaries fighting for timeshare consumer rights and working hard to bring timeshare companies to court over illegal contracts and have set landmark legal precedents along the way.

To date, M1 legal have achieved over 550 victories valued at over £9.5 million pounds and recently they reported a record week resulting in 21 victories valued at over £400,000 pounds.

M1 Legal have also been featured in the Financial Times and The Times for their fantastic work on a case involving Barclays Bank who have now been ordered by regulators to repay millions of pounds in interest related to improperly sold timeshare loans.

Despite court judgements ordering timeshare companies to compensate their clients, some timeshare operators look to avoid their obligations, in such case M1 legal have proceeded to enforce these judgements and in some cases, have escalated claims to the criminal court and in a recent such case, one of our clients secured a £20,000 payout.

Here are some past clients that were happy to share their stories...

On Track for a Record Year!
On Track for a Record Year!

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