Timeshare Mis-selling Now Takes Top Spot Over PPI?

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Yes, as Martin Lewis reported on ITV This Morning talking with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford the PPI deadline (29th August) was real and now the only way to pursue a PPI claim against any financial institution is through the courts.

Did you know that around £36 billion has been paid out in PPI with an average claim of around £3,000?

Did you know that over £200 million has been awarded in Timeshare Spanish court claims and this amount continues to grow with an average claim in excess of £20,000? Many awards are much higher. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a nice lump sum for what many consider a worthless liability?

Do you feel weighed down by maintenance and ongoing financial bills?

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No one really knows yet what effects Brexit will have on cross-border litigation and we therefore encourage you to make the first move now.


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Timeshare Mis-selling now takes spot over PPI?

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Timeshare Mis-selling Now Takes Top Spot Over PPI?
Timeshare Mis-selling Now Takes Top Spot Over PPI?

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