Almost £40K Awarded In Silverpoint Vacations Case

The latest victory from Timeshare Advice Centre and European Consumer Claims.

Victories over Silverpoint Vacations had the highest value in court for our team last week. One case saw almost £40K in awards with the total being £39,511. The second Silverpoint case was awarded £35,880. The nullity of the contracts in these cases was determined by the lack of information in the agreements which did not satisfy the legal requirements.

Last week, three separate CLC substantive cases were heard in court too, contractual names being CLC Sucursal and CLC Paradise Trading. Altogether the awards in these three cases accumulated to £37,383.

In addition to this, we obtained four more favourable jurisdiction judgements against Club La Costa with the contractual names of CLC PLC and CLC Sucursal.

Almost £40K Awarded In Silverpoint Vacations Case
Almost £40K Awarded In Silverpoint Vacations Case

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