Over £125K in CLC Victories Plus 3 Wins Against Anfi

The latest victory from Timeshare Advice Centre and European Consumer Claims.

This week we are proud to say that we reached £127,758 in monies awarded through CLC cases alone. As found in many timeshare contracts with Club La Costa, in three of these cases, the agreements were found not to contain sufficient detail on accommodation requirements. More specifically what type of accommodation can be used by the owner and when.

In addition to this, we obtained 5 favourable judgements in jurisdiction cases last week, all against Club La Costa.

All of these cases against CLC include the contractual names of;

  • CLC Paradise Trading
  • CLC Sucursal España
  • CLC Continental Resorts

That’s not all, we’ve also had three recent victories against Anfi, adding up to a total of £42,110. The first claimant was totally awarded, including the costs and the interests since the signature of the contract.

The next two judgements were excellent victories as they show the cancellation letters that are sent to clients from Anfi for nonpayment are not always accepted, the judge in both of these instances stated that the letters are clearly not acceptable and gave the reasoning behind this decision.

Over £125K in CLC Victories Plus 3 Wins Against Anfi
Over £125K in CLC Victories Plus 3 Wins Against Anfi

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