Timeshare exit and claim scam warning

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We have seen a marked increase in phone calls from worried clients who have been targeted by scam timeshare exit and claims companies and wanted to issue a warning to all of our clients about the scams currently in operation and reassure you with some advice on how to spot a genuine company.

Consumer Rights Protection – this operation is calling many of our clients on a daily basis to try to convince them that ECC and M1 Legal are not legitimate companies and have given clients false promises with regards to claims. They are also offering to assist clients with a finance claim to recover the money they have paid for legal services to contract with M1 Legal.

We would like to warn all of our clients about this and other companies who are calling clients with a similar story. Our lines of communication are always open to reassure you and answer any of your questions, as well as your personal client area which you can refer to check on the progress of your case or request a call back from us. Please be advised that it may take slightly longer to return your call due to the increased volume of calls about scams that we are dealing with.

This also applies to clients who are receiving calls from companies who are collecting money for what they say is for unpaid maintenance fees. Clients with ownerships with CLC, ANFI, Diamond, Silverpoint and other resorts are being told that they owe money for unpaid fees and are pressured to pay immediately. If the client refuses, they are threatened with legal action from debt collectors. Our advice is to hang up the telephone.

These callers hold a lot of information on timeshare owners and can sound very genuine. They also try to discredit any company the client is contracted to (whether they are contracted to a genuine company or not), to further support their sales pitch.

Please remember the following if you receive a call from a suspicious sounding company:

  • A genuine company will never try to take an instant payment over the phone.
  • Any outstanding maintenance fees would have been communicated to you first in writing from the company, not by phone.
  • They will not mind you doing due diligence on them if they are genuine.
  • Anyone claiming that they have won your case in court cannot have done so unless you gave them permission to represent you.

If you have been caught out by a scam operator, don’t be embarrassed to let us know. These companies are very convincing, and it is no reflection on your intelligence if you have been caught out. By letting us know, we can warn others and may be able to help you recover any money paid to them.

If in doubt over a suspicious sounding company, please contact us for reassurance and advice on how to deal with the caller.

Kind regards
Timeshare Advice Centre

Want to find out your options on your timeshare? Act now.

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Want to find out your options on your timeshare? Act now.

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