Find out your options

Does it make sense to own a timeshare at a time like this with such uncertainty and the requirement to pay mandatory, non-refundable maintenance fees whether you get to use the timeshare or not?

Find out your options
  • Will many holidaymakers want to endure chaotic and uncomfortable travel conditions? NO 
  • Will many take the risk of being required to quarantine when re-entering the UK? NO
  • When will travel return to normal? WHO KNOWS
  • Will most timeshare owners lose their 2020 occupancy? YES
  • Have most timeshare owners been refunded 2020 maintenance fees? NO
  • Will timeshare resorts bill for next year’s maintenance fees? MOST CERTAINLY YES
  • Will travel return to normal next year? MOST LIKELY NOT
  • Even if it did, will timeshare resorts be able to fulfill bookings for those 2020 lost holidays in 2021? MOST CERTAINLY NOT
  • Will hotel prices drop for next year and present great value for those that take the opportunity to travel? MOST CERTAINLY YES

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